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City of Roses

Located about 30 kilometres from the French border, the small village of Roses in Catalan (or Rosas in Castilian) on the Spanish Costa Brava has only 18,000 inhabitants and is becoming a very popular seaside resort with a pleasant Mediterranean climate during the summer season, to the point of welcoming nearly 100,000 people. An old fishing village located between the towns of Cadaques and Figueiras, Rosas is an ideal destination for families and couples looking for a place that is not tarnished by nightlife. With its wide, golden sandy beaches and shallow waters, Rosas is one of the most beautiful bays in the world, making it an ideal destination for water sports and relaxation. Nature is abundant in and around this small seaside resort, which is known as a good value Spanish tourist destination. Lovers of cultural escapades will not be bored either, as within the town they can discover the history, culture and art of Rosas through archaeological remains dating back to antiquity, historical buildings and cultural sites.

Points of interest

  • The Citadel: This is one of the most outstanding monuments in the city and in Catalonia. It is a fortified construction that was built in the 16th century and has since been extended several times. In addition to the citadel, which is an expressive example of the city's Renaissance architecture, there is a museum within the citadel. This site traces the origins of Roses through ruins and objects dating back to Greek and Visigothic times.
  • The Trinitat Castel : former bastion of defence of Rosas
    Listed as a cultural asset of national interest, the Trinitat Castle, built in the 16th century, in 1544, is not only an important historical building on the Costa Brava, but also an essential tourist attraction in the city.
  • Discover the remains of the Church of Santa Maria de Roses, an old church consecrated in the 10th century and erected within the Citadel of Roses in honour of the Virgin.
  • Stroll through the streets of the Old Town where you will find shops, restaurants, architectural, historical and cultural sites.
  • Take a walk along the Passeig Maritim (seafront promenade) in Rosas where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea as well as some historical monuments.
  • Relaxation on the beach of Santa Margarida located 3 km from the centre of Rosas with its fine golden sandy beach.

Local gastronomy

Grillade poissin gastronomie Roses EspagneRoses has preserved many of its culinary traditions. Its fishing port, which is one of the most important in Catalonia, provides it with a variety of raw materials for the preparation of Mediterranean and Catalan dishes. Among the most famous dishes of the region, you can't do without the suquet de peix (Catalan bouillabaisse). You can also try grilled fish from the Bay of Roses, such as langoustines, prawns, sardines, etc., with its superb Empordà wine, which has a protected designation of origin